Weight Stats – Privacy Policy

Health Data

Codulis’ Weight Stats app does not collect any of your health data – all storage and processing of the records happens only locally on your device.

App also does not use any third-party code libraries (like SDKs of advertising networks, analytics services, or social network integrations) to avoid risks of unintended usage tracking.

Operational Data

When the app periodically makes a request to update its mutable resources, the request leaves a trace of your public IP address in our server logs. IP addresses are not mapped to any other personally identifiable information. Server logs may be inspected by us to help resolve any server functioning issues. Server logs are also used to generate server load statistics. IP addresses are not used for any other purposes. This data is not shared with any third-parties.

Communications Data

If you contact Codulis support by email, naturally we store the conversation thread, including your email address, to be able to provide assistance. Also note that the default app-generated email template does include iOS version number and model name of your device, which may be helpful in resolving your reported issue. This additional information is completely optional – in case you do not want to share it, you can delete it from the composed email text. Email conversations are stored on our servers, and are not shared with any third-parties. Support conversations are stored indefinitely. You have the right to request a deletion of email conversations you participated in.

If you choose to subscribe to Codulis newsletter, your email address is stored in subscribers list managed by Campaign Monitor service. The opportunity to unsubscribe is provided in each newsletter we send. You can also request a manual removal from the subscribers list by contacting Codulis support. When you interact with a newsletter content, Campaign Monitor collects certain information about your device and your interactions to generate reports on engagement statistics. For full details you should read the Campaign Monitor’s privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or a data removal request, please contact us at $EMAIL_ADDRESS.

Last updated: Feb 20, 2024