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Can I take my blood pressure using this app?

No, you can’t. This app does not replace your regular blood pressure monitor. There is no workaround for this task – you absolutely need a cuff to measure the pressure in your arteries.

Blood Pressure app is built for people whose measuring devices at home don’t have any graphing capabilities and aren’t connected to computers or internet in any way. You manually enter your readings into this app to get a permanent storage of your history, a great visualization and tools for trend analysis.

How can I export the data?

Go to the Settings screen by tapping the gear button, then select Persons. Now choose the person from the list – a screen with profile details will open and you’ll find the Export Records button there.

Resulting CSV file can be emailed or put into app’s shared documents folder for access through desktop iTunes application. You can open it with Numbers, Excel or other spreadsheet application for printing or further manipulation.

How do I add entries for days earlier than today?

The date and time of an entry are editable fields. When you are in the process of adding or editing a measurement, tap on the date or time displayed on the screen of virtual monitor – new controls will show up, allowing you to edit those fields.

Just to expand on that a little – there are 5 editable fields in total: values of a measurement (the default selection when entering the editing mode), date, time, note and tags. You can cycle through all of them by repeatedly tapping the Edit button (orange, round, with colon on it), but in fact, directly touching each of those fields is the fastest way for switching between them.