Blood Pressure 1.5

First things first, the app is refreshed for iOS 7. I’ll be quick to assure that there is no shock awaiting you – Blood Pressure app retains its “skeuomorphic” design. Only small visual enhancements and necessary fixes were applied to the main screen. What has changed is how animations work and also all the places where standard iOS controls are integrated into user interface. So you will only start noticing changes when adding new measurements or managing your profiles, tags and filters in the settings level screens. User interface got a lot cleaner in there and I’m very happy with what iOS 7 brought in this regard.

Another big feature that went into 1.5 is support for accessibility. Blood Pressure app is now accessible to visually impaired people through VoiceOver interface. That was definitely a good learning exercise on underpinnings of Apple’s accessibility technology, and more importantly, on it’s user facing side.

Illustration of iOS 7 and VoiceOver interfaces in Blood Pressure app

Lastly, a short note on support for older iOS versions. The 1.5 is still iOS 5 compatible, and that’s mainly because I decided that I need to sneak in the VoiceOver support for older devices – as you may know Apple started allowing you to download the older-device–compatible versions of apps. But at the same time, this new App Store feature is the reason why the plan going forward is to be far more aggressive in requiring the newest and greatest iOS version.

That’s it for now, enjoy the update and take care!