Disco Timer 1.1

The new version of Disco Timer is shipping today. 1.1, first and foremost, is a maintenance update – support for the newest devices has been added, as well as adjustments for iOS 13. But there are some nice feature-level improvements as well in this update.

Firstly, the enhancements in first-time user experiences. More visual hints were added to assist complete novices in learning how to operate the timer’s UI.

Secondly, the LEDs of the duration ring are now dimmed when the timer is paused, making it much more obvious at a glance what state the timer is in.

And finally, the winding gesture can now be stared directly from timer’s finished state – no need to reset to the original duration first. It’s actually very handy for the “Oh, just a couple more minutes, please!” cases.

That’s it for now. Update and enjoy!