Introducing Weight Stats

Yet another app in Health & Fitness category motivated by my own need.

Weight Stats app icon

I’ve been on a keto diet for more than a year now. And I have found it to be very effective in controlling my weight. Previously I was relying on intermittent fasting as the only weight loss tool, but over time it seemed to become not enough anymore. So finally I did take some time to learn more of the nutrition science, plus some anthropology, and concluded that ditching the carbs is the right way to go.

My approach to dietary changes has always been a gradual adaptation – not a fan of cold-turkey switches. And that’s why I find it especially useful to measure my weight daily. I remove or add something to the menu and observe the effect of that over couple of weeks. It works as great motivator for continuous evolvement of the “ok foods” list and also for daily “quests” of extending the fasting window or doing a super-clean day.

And as always I felt the need to do my own riff on the data visualization for this particular problem. That’s how Weight Stats did come into existence.

Weight Stats app running on iPhone 14 Pro

If you are actively controlling your weight, check it out – it’s already on the App Store.