New Design of

As springtime was quite a peaceful period without any pressing upcoming iOS releases or urgent update needs for Blood Pressure app (not true anymore for the summer as we know after news brought by Apple’s WWDC), I thought this was a great opportunity to work on so needed refresh of the website, to drop in some fresh colors, so to speak. And this is how it turned out:

New website loaded in Safari on iPad mini

As you can see, design is clearly built around the iPad size factor, but – although I didn’t shoot for a responsive design at this point – it’s quite comfortable on iPhone screens too.

Also, there are now two new types of news feeds available: Codulis newsletter and Facebook page. Newsletter – look for the button in the footer of the website to subscribe to it – is dedicated for bigger announcements only, meaning releases of new apps or major versions of them. If more fine-grained bits of news are what you prefer – Twitter, Facebook or blog’s RSS feed may serve you better.

Your comments on the new design, as always, are very welcome. And if you’ll notice some problems with the new website on a browser I didn’t have a chance to test on, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Meanwhile, I’m jumping back to the drawing board to play with the new and exciting stuff in iOS 7 beta and my new app ideas.