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Can I take my blood pressure using this app?

No, you can’t. This app is not a replacement for regular blood pressure monitor. There simply is no workaround for this task — you absolutely need a cuff to measure the pressure in your arteries.

Blood Pressure app is made for owners of measuring devices that lack any graphing capabilities. You manually enter your readings into this app to get a permanent storage of your history, flexible visualisation of data, and tools for trend analysis.

How do I add entries for days earlier than today?

The date and time of an entry are editable fields. When you are in the process of adding a measurement, just tap on the date or time displayed on the screen of virtual monitor — the selected part will start blinking and the corresponding picker will show up at the bottom.

Tapping the arrow buttons in the editor’s toolbar would also do the job of switching between all the editable parts of the measurement, but after you learn what is where, the direct tapping is just a faster way to navigate.

How can I export the data?

First, if the notepad is currently positioned in front of the monitor, swipe it to the left to reveal more buttons.

Then, if you happen to store records for multiple persons, select the profile intended for export by tapping the profile-switching button.

Finally, tap the button with the share icon — this will open the export screen with all available options.

The resulting spreadsheet file (CSV format) can be shared using variety of actions provided by system’s standard share sheet: Email, Print, Save, AirDrop, etc. You can open it with Numbers, Excel or other spreadsheet app for further manipulation if needed.